Bubblerock | Owners: Steph and Robin Killip | New Zealand | www.bubblerock.co.nz

It’s not every day you get to work with a company located half-way around the world, and when I say, “half-way”, I am not exaggerating. Auckland, New Zealand just happens to be the exact polar opposite of my hometown Buffalo, New York. The randomness of it all still baffles me but I couldn’t be happier!

With Bubblerock I found myself really hitting my stride as an editor. Steph (aka: bubble) and Robin (aka: rock) are two terrific artists that feed me some of the best RAW footage in the world. They truly bring out the best in me. Whether it be video, photo, or film, their work is absolutely inspiring! They are great people with great hearts and have have even opened their doors to me and my wife come March when I intend to spend a few weeks in New Zealand filming and exploring!

I can't thank them enough for taking a chance on a small town editor located half way around the world! Thank you, thank you!

Take a look at their work, share, and enjoy!

Source: http://www.bubblerock.co.nz